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Rabbi Mordechai Chalk grew up in Golders Green; he still supports his local team Barnet FC! Educated at Hasmo, he spent the next 11 years in Israel; studying at Bais Yisroel Yeshiva, Mir and teaching at Yeshivat Sha’arei Mevaseret Zion. He married Shira in 2015 and they lived in Har Nof for 3 wonderful years, before moving back to the UK in 2018. Rabbi Chalk teaches part time in JFS and has just graduated the Rabbinic Training Academy (RTA). Rabbi Chalk is also a qualified Shochet and personal trainer, although he tries to keep the professions separate! When not in Shul, school or RTA, Rabbi Chalk can be found in the gym lifting heavy weights!

The Chalks have spent the last two years as founding members of the Rabbinic Training Academy. Here, they have had the opportunity to gain experience and understanding of the UK Jewish and broader community. In addition to advanced Halachic studies, the RTA provides professional development and training in counselling, relationships and mental wellbeing.

Shira grew up in St John’s Wood, daughter of Dayan and Rebbetzen Binstock. She has spent much of her life as part of the United Synagogue and active in the Shul. After spending a year in Bnos Chava in Israel, Shira got her degree in Education from Goldsmiths and has been involved in education work ever since. Nowadays, Shira spends most of her time being Mummy to Tzvi (3 1⁄2), Meir (2) and their new arrival Miri, but she still finds time to write the popular Tribe Scribe cartoon in the weekly Daf Hashavua! Growing up in the Rabbinate, education and communal work has always been part of Shira’s life and the Chalks look forward to the next stage in the Watford community.



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