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In the event of a death, we would suggest you contact the Shul office on 01923 222 755 to provide you with useful and practical advice on what to do. 


You will need to notify the United Synagogue's burial offices IMMEDIATELY and leave a contact phone number on United Synagogue Burial Office 020 8950 7767 If the Burial Offices are closed, please call 020 8950 7767 option 4.  The burial office will explain exactly what you need to do. They are very supportive and helpful.

You will need to: 

  1. Obtain a death certificate from the doctor or hospital, stating the cause of death.

  2. Take the death certificate to the Registrar for Births and Deaths: it must be the Registrar in the vicinity where the death occurred.

  3. Phone the Burial Office  again once you have been issued with the relevant documentation. The burial office will then be able to make arrangements to collect the body and arrange a time for the funeral. 

  4. Once funeral arrangements have been made, the burial office will contact the Synagogue Administrator who will assist with shiva chairs and prayer books and liaise with the Rabbi about the funeral and shiva. 

  5. The Rabbi will normally contact you about this. Please note that Rabbi Chalk is only employed by us part time. He is also a secondary school teacher, and cannot generally take time off during the week. Please be prepared for th service to be taken by a United Synagogue duty Rabbi, unless you 

  6. Notify family and friends of the arrangements. The Synagogue Admministrator will inform the community. 

    Kavod Funeral Services provide out of hours collections. They will collect from anywhere within the M25.
    This is a Jewish 24/7 service which uses non-Jews to man the helpline and do collections over Shabbat.
    Please call Kavod on 020 3191 9100


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