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Rabbi Levine was born in Lambeth in south London where he lived until the age of six. He then moved to Forest Gate which at the time was a more Jewish community which had several shuls within walking distance. West Ham shul, affectionately know as Earlham Grove Shul, was to become the family shul (and later Rabbi Levine's first post!) It was there that he really acquired his love for community shuls.

Rabbi Levine attended Beis Shammai Grammar School which started out in Stamford Hill and then moved to the leafy suburbs of Chigwell in Essex. At the age of sixteen, the time had arrived for him to move out and start Yeshiva life. First stop: Morristown, New Jersey in America where he stayed for two years. Still young, Rabbi Levine needed to move on. Everyone seemed to be going to Israel and there really was only one place for him: Kfar Chabad - an idyllic village set off the main road amongst the famous orange groves just outside Tel Aviv. Rabbi Levine remained there for seven years, completing his studies with Semicha from Rabbi Yeroslavski of Kiryat Melachi.

Returning home, Rabbi Levine worked with his parents in the family business, a kosher delicatessen. The Jewish community had declined over the years and when the rabbi of his shul left, Rabbi Levine officially took on the position as minister. He was there for four years before it officially closed in 2004. Having married in 2002, the Rabbi and his wife, Rochel, moved to Edgware where they lived for two years. In 2003 the Rabbi began working in the Kashrut Division of the London Beth Din where he continues to work today.

In 2006 the Rabbi and his family moved once again to Watford.

"Now with four sons, we feel we have arrived somewhere that will become our home."